BDS offers customised support and maintenance services which include maintaining existing work, upgrading, user interface maintaining, redesigning and third party integrations.
We have cost-effective maintenance systems focused on meeting the needs of small business, organisations, NGOs and other sectors. We do daily or occasional updates as required to ensure websites stay fresh and updated, thereby increasing traffic, boosting sales & leads and strengthening brand recognition.

BDS Maintenance Services

 Fast Respond

You can reach us with your requests via email or phone. We have a commitment to responding to queries within two business days.

 Knowledgeable Experts

At BDS, we hire only knowledgeable, technically skilled and proven engineers. Our skilled experts work on bug fixing, content updates technology updates, features and enhancements, patches and security, third party service integration, search optimisation, script installations, module/component installation and development.

 Act Proactively

BDS keeps an eye on clients' websites for optimal performance with 24x7 uptime. We perform regular checks to websites, portals and install required updates. Depending on the nature of a problem, we can either do an immediate update billed to client or raise an issue with the client and wait for approval prior to work being completed.

 Engineers on Demand

This service is for those companies who have projects or work to outsource and require our services to bring down infrastructure cost. Our services are available on a part or full time monthly basis.