BDS handles server administration, management and support from designing phase to deployment, bug-free installations and highly secure configurations. We do it all to allow our clients to focus on their business rather than the server infrastructure. Our experts shield our clients from downtime, hacking and valuable data loss. We offer our outsourced services such as server infrastructure, network and other hardware systems under an agreement signed by two parties. We always ensure your systems are up-to-date, data is backed up regularly and optical performance is well-tuned and maintained.

BDS Server Solutions help clients to:

 Minimum Downtime

With 24x7 server monitoring and support, we are able to spot and fix issues as quickly as possible with bare minimum downtimes to systems.


With our Firewall configuration and keeping unrequired ports closed, we manage to avoid any security attacks or risks to client servers.

 Apply Fixes

We eliminate possibilities that can bring systems down such as software bugs or security issues by regularly applying server and panel updates.

 Data Protection

We perform regular backups to client data and run auto scripts to ensure full server backups. We also check activity logs regularly to monitor all server activities like logins, logouts, failed FTP attempts, failed SMTP attempts etc.

 Server Administrator on Demand

This service is available for those companies who wish to monitor servers 24x7 and that anticipate their systems are constantly up without any threat of bugs or attacks.